Fire Institute
Biblical Studies

Members of the Covenant Network with a hunger to be established, equipped and activated for the Kingdom of God can begin or continue their journey with courses delivered through the Biblical Studies program.

  • Each course has an individual instructor with synchronous online meetings, engaging virtual teaching and assignments.

  • Courses are designed to span 8 weeks.

  • Students may register for 2 courses per semester. Cost is $100 per course. 

Silhouette of Cross Against Sky
SBS 2.1-Name of Jesus: The Church's Legal Ground to Administrate His Kingdom on Earth.
Instructor- Bishop Randy Morgan 
Spring 2022

The Name of Jesus Biblical studies is an extensive, revelatory look at the Name of Jesus as the Spiritual and Biblical basis for our administration of His Kingdom here on earth.  The course reveals the Name of Jesus as it appears in scripture and the Name of Jesus as applied to our lives and environments. The Name of Jesus study also includes the legal spiritual applications of Jesus' Name. This class will meet live via Zoom on the following Thursdays: March 10th, March 24th, April 7th, and April 21st. 

Study group
SBS 2.1-The Believer's Prayer Life-Activating All of Heaven
Instructors-Apostle Joan Castle & Pastor Jasmine Jones
Spring 2022

Are you ready to exchange your prayer life for the prayer life of Jesus? The great exchange, second only to salvation, is about to take place. This class is designed to help you move from wherever you are in your walk with the Lord, to a new level in your prayer life. Learn how to activate all of Heaven, here on Earth! Our live Zoom classes will allow for virtual teacher in addition to question & answer sessions.  This class will meet live via Zoom on each of the following Tuesdays: March 1st, March 15th, March 29th & April 12th.

Prayer Group
SBS 2.3-The Eschatology of the CHURCH
Instructors-Pastor Tanzanika Ruffin
Spring 2022

The is course is a deeper review of the "Church", the "Kingdom of God" and "His Covenant". The design of this course includes investigating statements like " I don't have to go to church, we are  the church', "Church is just a building" or "This is the end of the Church as we know it". This course also develops a better understand of the State of the Church today. This class will meet live via Zoom on each of the following Tuesday: March 8th, March 22nd, April 5th, and April 19th @ 7pm EST.