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Fire Institute
Biblical Studies

Members of the Covenant Network with a hunger to be established, equipped and activated for the Kingdom of God can begin or continue their journey with courses delivered through the Biblical Studies program.

  • Each course has an individual instructor with synchronous online meetings, engaging virtual teaching and assignments.

  • Courses are designed to span 8 weeks.

  • Students may register for 2 courses per semester. Cost is $50 per course. 

Silhouette of Cross Against Sky
SBS 2.1-Name of Jesus: The Church's Legal Ground to Administrate His Kingdom on Earth.
Instructor- Bishop Randy Morgan 
Fall  2022

The Name of Jesus Biblical studies is an extensive, revelatory look at the Name of Jesus as the Spiritual and Biblical basis for our administration of His Kingdom here on earth.  The course reveals the Name of Jesus as it appears in scripture and the Name of Jesus as applied to our lives and environments. The Name of Jesus study also includes the legal spiritual applications of Jesus' Name. 

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